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Tuesday 19 April 2011   
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Advertise is a free resource designed to complement Hospital Information Technology Europe (HITE) magazine. The full content of each issue will be available online so hospital IT staff can find and access topical, expertly written articles on their immediate interests at the click of a mouse.

Typically, HITE articles will summarise the latest Technology reviews on IT solutions, IP Technology, bar coding, RFID, telemedicine systems, electronic health records, clinical workflows, data management, e-health and handheld devices.
These articles will reflect the important role of information technology in hospitals. All articles include details of further information sources, such as useful contacts, related websites, relevant training courses, and recommended literature and other resources.
In addition to the latest issue the site will also hold an archive of all past issues, providing visitors with real breadth and depth of content. All content on the site will be fully catalogued into appropriate 'Content Zones' so that relevant articles can be found quickly and intuitively.

More than the magazine online:
Reporting news, events and topical comment every day. This gives information technologists good reasons to visit the site frequently. In addition to news there will be surveys, polls and many other engaging online features.

Advertising options:
The site accepts banners and tiles across the site and within the weekly email. We can offer very targeted advertising enviroments alongside specific content in the Content Zones.


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