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Monday 31 January 2011   
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iSOFT apps now on BlackBerry
Little benefit from EHR in 2005-2007 says US study
Healthcare for the rural poor takes top prize
CompuGroup Medical expands presence in Scandinavia

Other news

Intersystems offers free toolkit to the NHS
Wednesday 19 January
NHS Trust integrates with Intersystems Ensemble®
Tuesday 18 January
Medical technology innovators go first to market in Europe
Tuesday 18 January
Real-time patient data provider makes debut
Tuesday 18 January
Fast, more personalised care with RTLS technology
Tuesday 18 January
Top stories
Most commented Most read
Most commented Most read
Public authorities face 30-day countdown
Electronic prescribing: effect on medication errors and adverse drug events
Perot Systems to help implement Meditech at Rotherham
Bosch Healthcare launches independent telehealth project in the UK
Study shows telehealth patients experience better care
Digital pens improve treatment of acute diabetes in Germany
Clinical information systems
Philips acquisition to expand its clinical informatics portfolio
Streets Heaver preferred supplier for Bupa Cromwell Hospital
Wales selects InterSystems TrakCare as national laboratory system
In this issue: Health and safety - minimising the spread of HCAIs; Speech recognition – enhancing patient hospital experience; Patient privacy – privacy - a patient's right?

EU Commission announces biggest call for ICT research
Data management healthcheck survey reveals health IT's top spending priorities
CSC announces European ePrescription solution
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Advertisement features

Digital pen-and-paper gives clinicians more time for caring
Anoto Group is the company behind the world-leading and unique digital penand- paper technology, which enables fast and reliable conversion of handwritten text into digital format.
Share and share alike - the secret for better healthcare
Modern healthcare systems demand effective integration in order to support the delivery of electronic health records. Too often, the “ad hoc” approach of building IT infrastructure frustrates this objective. So how can clinical environments move towards truly connected healthcare?
Multilingualism and the role of remote interpreting in healthcare delivery
With greater transnational mobility of peoples, the need for trained language interpreters in many areas of life, not least healthcare, becomes increasingly important. So, how to provide such a service?
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